Cooking kettles

Service friendly design:

  • durable and reliable stainless steel construction,
  • oversized drain valve for faster draining with plastic handle to prevent burns
  • super easy to maintain with an ergonomic design
  • cover can be lifted up to 90°
  • supplied with legs or on a plinth
  • design that ensures production hygiene:
  • special surface of the kettle that makes it easy to descale
  • one of a kind hygienic edging around the entire perimeter (which is very important for the implementation of industrial hygiene concepts in practice)
  • easy-to-clean drain
Varochnye kotly

Whether it is boiled sausage, ham or ready-to-eat products such as dumplings, economical cooking and cooling are still very important production processes. Our trusted supplier’s cooking kettles have impressed demanding professionals in small and large-scale industries for decades.

Continuous, practice-oriented improvements have always improved the quality of our kettles and made them an outstanding product on the market. The control program developed by us is optimally adapted for small and large industries. Our kettles provide absolutely reliable and well controlled heating with electricity, diesel fuel, gas, low pressure steam (up to 0.5 atm.), high pressure steam (up to 6.5 atm.), hot water and thermal oil. The strong, self-supporting compact stainless steel construction is completely waterproof and suitable for stacking a range of kettles.

The kettle control system offered by us allows you to set the time for the product, the duration of operation, the temperature of the kettle, the temperature in the thickness of the product and the control of the temperature difference D t.

Heating the kettle requires energy. But in order to minimize energy consumption, our kettles are equipped with high-performance special solid insulation, as well as a double-walled insulating cover, which is already commercially available. In general, our kettles are characterized by economical energy consumption and excellent heat transfer.

The following heating options are available:

  • Electrical heating through the thermal oil jacket in the bottom of the kettle and parts of the kettle jacket. This achieves a very even distribution of heat, which is also ideal for preparing sauces.
  • Heating with an oil or gas burner through a heat exchanger in the bottom of the kettle.
  • In addition, there is also the possibility of heating with low pressure steam (up to 0.5 atm.), high pressure steam (up to 6.5 atm.), hot water or thermal oil.

Experts have confirmed that our heat exchangers, which withstand high temperatures and are insulated with ceramic gaskets, have an efficiency of more than 90% thanks to a special hot air channeling system.

Accessories in a nutshell: For the use of cooking baskets, we offer transfer systems for cooking kettles and cooling tanks. It goes without saying that these custom-made systems are best suited and approved for use in wet rooms. Other accessories, such as cooking baskets and floats for various sizes of kettles, complete the equipment of our kettles.

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