Thermal processing of food products

Our philosophy and technologies

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Whether you produce fish, meat or sausage products, poultry or dairy products, you are deeply interested in the quality of your products. The highest quality raw materials, your own know-how and, of course, personal refined taste – all this invested in your product are important prerequisites for achieving a successful result.

With an increasingly critical approach to food products, their quality is becoming the most important criterion for making a decision on the purchase of a product by the end customer. Regardless of whether individual manufacturers or large enterprises are engaged in production, growing quality requirements force them to ensure the appropriate parameters of the equipment used at the production stage.

An equipment supplier who offers to equip an enterprise of any size in an appropriate and cost-effective manner must enter the market not only as a manufacturer of specific machinery.

Processing industry enterprises have the right to expect from this supplier that the nuances of their specific production will also fall within the scope of their competence: after all, only on the condition that both parties communicate in the same language, opportunities open up for the production of such products and making decisions, that will be effective due to quality, economy and successful integration into production. All these requirements initially became the cornerstone of the philosophy of the manufacturer represented by our company.


We would like to support with the help of our equipment the efforts of our Customers aimed at the production of high-quality products. After all, we are talking about the quality embodied in the product, which can be seen, smelled and tasted, which is ultimately the most important!
Food products require a trusting relationship: those involved in the production of food products must understand the importance of product quality and consumer’s confidence in it. Leaving aside the issue of professional skills of individual specialists, it should be noted that many factors also influence the final result of food production: raw materials, hygiene conditions, food additives, etc.

In a certain sense, this statement also applies to technological equipment. We only process raw materials that meet the highest requirements. The modern know-how base of our partner serves as the basis for the development of equipment focused on the processing industry, and sometimes it is precisely well-thought-out details of the equipment that determine how successfully and efficiently the ripening, smoking or cooking process goes. Equipment used in the food industry should in no case nullify the efforts of the manufacturer due to malfunctions during its operation. This could lead not only to direct economic losses, but also to a long-term loss of the company’s prestige, which could hardly be restored in the future.

termokamery gotovaja produkcija

We are aware of the great responsibility and are working properly to ensure the high quality of the equipment we manufacture for the benefit of our customers.
We evaluate our Customers not by the volume of production and turnover. To a greater extent, the determining factors for us are a qualified task setting and an understanding of the importance of quality. Based on this, it is not surprising that our supplier was able to establish itself as a reliable partner for large industry, without neglecting the interests of small enterprises. Close contacts with partners, very different in their capabilities, again and again push us to develop innovative ideas that are extremely useful for both parties and are embodied in our products.

One smoking is not like another, no sausage is comparable to another, and when it comes to the processing of dairy products, fish or poultry, completely different evaluation criteria come into force. A decisive advantage of our products for customers is the fact that we can rely on many years of experience in almost all areas of application of our equipment and products.

Whether we are talking about fish, meat or sausage products, poultry or dairy products – our competence is not limited to the stage of equipment manufacturing. From the very beginning, we are focused on the final products of the Customer, and this is our fundamental difference from competitors. Experience in cooperation with enterprises in all continents allows us to act as a competent partner at the international level.

The thoughtful integration of new units into existing production equipment or the modernization of large industrial plants can be realized with the help of our company. In order to find the most correct solution, together with our Customers, we analyze demand, evaluate profitability and create investment models. Equally, we are actively working on large and small objects. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs who are interested in our equipment quickly become our new Customers, and new Customers, for the most part, become our regular Customers – this is evidence of the correctness of the development path we have chosen.

Our supply program includes:

  • Temperature chambers for hot smoking, hot air roasting, baking, frying, drying and defrosting
  • Smoke generators: friction, smoldering or smoke liquid
  • Cooking kettles
  • Cold smoking chambers
  • Climatic ripening chambers
  • Production process control systems