Our advantages

The advantages of our plants are the key to your success

Our plants are 100% manufactured and assembled in-house in Germany.
We use materials such as chromium-nickel steel, mineral wool for insulation, motors, valves, pneumatic cylinders, controls and electrical components from well-known European manufacturers such as Thyssen-Krupp, Siemens, Bosch, etc.

The quality of our installations is constantly monitored and tested immediately before shipment to the customer – we give a 1-year warranty on all parts of the machinery.

All of our cold smoking chambers and air conditioners operate in a closed smoking system, which ensures energy savings and environmental protection. This means that during the smoking process, the air supply and exhaust dampers are closed, and smoke does not enter the atmosphere. The machinery produces exactly as much smoke as is necessary for smoking the product.

There is no need for costly smoke treatment units (eg. catalysts, smoke deposition units, afterburners, etc.).
Benefit from our highly technical and technological “know-how”, which is the result of many years of experience in the industry in international markets and cooperation with the University of Stuttgart-Hochenheim.

Reduced energy consumption due to good insulation and sealing of the chambers. Energy savings are also facilitated by insulating the reinforced floor of the machinery with air bags. Air insulation prevents heat loss. In addition, our floors in the chambers are equipped with anti-slip protection.

Optimized airflow for fast and even drying with patented air guide plates.

This gives:

  • high air performance with low power consumption
  • reduced process time
  • high productivity per trolley
  • low energy consumption.

Optimal temperature control ensures minimum heat loss.

Easy cleaning of smoking plants with automatic CIP cleaning.

A small amount of smoke precipitation (tars) compared to other systems saves detergents and time for washing the chambers.

No threaded connections and seals of individual elements of the chamber. Production of a chamber block in the form of a gas-tight hermetically welded structure. Pre-installation of machinery at the enterprise.

We offer constant and reliable service and fast delivery of spare parts.

Our new visualization and process control system guarantees the quality of your products and leads to maximum profits and minimum costs.