Intensive cooling chambers

promnitech Kamery intensivnogo okhlazhdeniya

Such demand as longer shelf life and rational production with improved quality can be met with the use of intensive cooling machinery. Our machinery is suitable for all meat and sausage products as well as for the production of canned ready meals. They shorten the cooling time after heat treatment and reduce weight loss.

Device and design

Our intensive cooling chambers can be built as a single unit or in combination with our smoking and cooking units combined with automatic trolley transport. The units are available in different sizes in 1 and 2 rows according to the desired capacity. Our intensive cooling chambers have a gas-tight welded body made of high-quality chromium-nickel steel. The equipment includes a high-power ventilation system, a shower, and a plate cooler recorder. Depending on the type of products produced, the plate cooler recorder is made of stainless steel or gold-plated aluminum.