Complex installation services

Performance of professional assembly in steel construction installations and production of machinery and equipment is the main specialization of Brüning GmbH. Traditionally, the Dessau site has developed a highly skilled assembly facilities in recent years, which Lutz Brüning brought to his company. Specialists gained their experience in the country and abroad, sometimes in difficult conditions. All of them have good technical training, are multifunctional and hardy. This gives them the opportunity to carry out the installation professionally, independently and on time.


We carry out installation supervision, complex installation, as well as installation of individual elements. Services are implemented by us on the basis of contracts with a fixed price and work contracts. The range of installation services to be provided is determined with the customer – complete or partial service – Brüning GmbH is a reliable partner.

High Precision Assembly

The transfer and placement of heavy loads, their precise assembly and commissioning require a lot of know-how, experience, but also a special insight. Brüning GmbH can convincingly prove its competence with a large number of references.

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An overview of our professional experience in the field of installation:

Installation supervision and/or installation execution for:

  • Equipment for technological processing
  • Complex grinding machinery for the production of binding building materials
  • Machinery for the processing of FGD-gypsum
  • Equipment for the production of cement
  • Equipment for the chemical industry
  • Glass recycling machinery
  • Composting equipment
  • Conveyor system installation for all industries
  • Coating machinery
  • Assembly of accessories in all areas
  • Installation, repair and reconstruction of crane tracks
  • Operation and maintenance of existing installations
  • Demolishion services of all kinds

Special knowledge in the field of installation is required for equipment of

  • Cement plants (mill machinery, rotary kilns, rotary dryers, conveyor systems, bucket elevators)
  • Sand and gravel processing plants
  • Crushing and screening plants
  • Pipeline and conveyor systems
  • Dedusting systems
  • Organic container composting
  • Equipment for the chemical and metallurgical industry
  • Pneumatic homogenization and storage systems
  • Equipment for the production of dolomite, magnesite and lightweight aggregates