Chambers for cold smoking and ripening

klimaticheski kamery holodnogo kopchenija

Climatic chambers for cold smoking and ripening: Systems for various applications, whether you produce products of large or small size, thin or large caliber, smoked or cured and/or those with noble mold – we provide high quality and safety products.

Adapted chambers with product-optimized airflow direction and program guarantee optimal ripening and drying of all hard and/or spreadable smoked sausages and cured products. Whether it is a 1-car or 60-car climate ripening chamber made of stainless steel, a masonry or sandwich panel structure, or a 4 or 240 trolley ripening room, we can offer the optimal solution. We will advise you already at the design stage and – if necessary – provide a layout plan with the necessary dimensions and data, we will inform you about energy saving options, such as heat recovery or alternative air conditioning methods.

Unique in its kind direction of airflow

kamery dlja holodnogo kopchenija i sozrevanija dvojnoj kanal

Our Air Conditioners are also the optimal solution for the production of fine-caliber/equalized (final weight-determined) sausages. Practice shows that as the filled caliber or weight of the sausage decreases, the difference in weight losses within one batch increases, which causes losses in quality and financial costs, which can only be compensated for by a significant amount of additional work, such as weighing, reweighing, elongated ripening and drying time.

For this product group, we can offer you an innovative machinery with periodically changing air circulation in combination with a suitable program to ensure homogeneous ripening and drying conditions in the entire chamber, which makes it possible to obtain a defined product quality.

Thus, our air conditioning units can work both using the principle of air circulation with and without supplying a predetermined amount of fresh air, or can be supplemented with variable automatic fresh air supply, which, under certain climatic conditions, automatically supplies fresh air to remove moisture, saving your energy, used for cold and heating

klimaticheskaja kamera vozdushnyj kanal v poperechnom razreze

Thanks to the optimal direction of air flows with horizontal top blowing and bottom suction, in combination with a precisely adjustable variable valve, it is possible to achieve hitherto unknown accuracy in the uniform weight loss of all types of products in the ripening chambers. The circulating air moves along the trolleys, while removing moisture from the surface of the products. Combined with precise temperature and humidity control, our machinery ensures that all trolleys in the chamber and at all levels are protected from dry crusting, such as an excessively wet surface.

As an option, our units can be equipped with an intelligent automatic fresh air system. It checks at each step of the program whether the outside temperature and humidity meet the technological requirements for processing the product, and if it is suitable for ripening, fresh air is used in the required amount, which is regulated by setting the desired humidity in the chamber.

The novelty here is that, thanks to the increase in the amount of outside air used in our systems, also at low ∆T or ∆F between the outside air and the process air in the chamber, the outside air is used to remove moisture, which allows for greater energy savings, used for the production of cold and heating.

During the hot season, as well as in countries with high air humidity and/or outside temperatures, our units can operate using only circulating air.

Our new construction with effective droplet removal provides the necessary moisture removal parameters for all time intervals.

Recirculating air units are being used in regions where the outside air is polluted by agricultural or industrial emissions.

Optimum dehumidification

In our new air handling units, the air to be processed passes vertically through the cooling and heating register. The droplet separator is located between them and is made in the form of a 360° swivel element. This improves the separation efficiency of aqueous particles while increasing the flow rate. This makes it possible to reduce the use of energy for the production of cold and heat energy during dehumidification and make the machinety compact.