Hot smoking chambers

The hot smoking machines which we offer are the result of more than a century of experience. The user-friendly, strong and durable construction, as well as the high quality of processing and high-quality materials, – thanks to all this, we create the basis for machines that have proven themselves in everyday practice. Whether it is a machinery on one or several trolleys, for any configuration of machinery we offer the most suitable dimensions, equipment and heating method.

Features of our machinery:

  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Convenient use, maintenance and cleaning.
  • Low energy consumption for all possible heating methods.
  • High degree of industrial safety, durable technology, stong construction.
  • Integrates perfectly into existing production lines.
  • Availability of a variety of accessories.
  • Unusually flexible construction for individual integration into existing lines.
  • Environmentally friendly operation with low noise levels.

Together with the plant, our customers receive a proven technological concept for almost all types of product processing. The units are equipped with a fully automatic microprocessor control with a touch screen, which guarantee constant quality when smoking, hot stewing, roasting, frying, steaming, drying, sweating, reddening and thawing of the product.With the use of special equipment, it is even possible to ripen, air-condition and shower.Type of heating – at the customer’s choice: low and high pressure steam, electricity.

We offer three smoke generation systems: friction smoke, smoldering smoke and liquid smoke.
The circulation and distribution of air is carried out by means of a multi-stage system through the inlet nozzles.

Circulating smoking system

The system of closed circulation smoking embodied the economical and environmentally friendly operation of the machinery while maintaining all quality parameters. Regardless of the smoke generation system, this process maintains clean air without the need for an additional combustion device, catalyst or air aftertreatment. Thanks to our system, smoke generators produce exactly the amount of air needed to achieve the desired goal. The closed system of the machinery makes optimal use of the generated smoke and is characterized by minimal energy consumption, low waste water and low fouling of the smoke pipes.

Compared to open-type machinery, saving of up to 80% of smoke material is possible – this is another plus for your economy!